Carnival Ride Package

Carnival Ride Package

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Carnival Ride Package

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Amusement Ride Package

The Carnival Ride Package by 3 Monkeys Inflatables includes The 4 Climbing Rock Wall, 2 Station Euro Bungee Trampoline, Mechanical Bull Rental, Portable 2 lane Axe Throwing Rental, and 4 Car Bumper Car Rental with an inflatable arena.  In addition, this package has all the skilled employees on-site to run the rides for your event.  This package with included attendants is valued at over $5000.  

You can take this package as is, or add more of our Carnival and Amusement Rental Packages or single items before you check out.  The only thing not added to this is your tax and travel charges.  This includes all set up and tear down of the rides and includes our staff using your power that is available within 100ft max.  We do offer generator rentals if you have concerns over power.  

Get the best of carnival ride packages and rentals with 3 Monkeys Inflatables.  Central Pa's Carnival Ride specialists with the best carnival ride like our super popular 2 Lane Axe Throwing, Bumper Cars, Rock Wall & Euro Trampolines, and so much more that will get your participants excited and eager to play.  Look for the uniqueness in your amusement ride festivals and fairs and add this package to draw your crowds in and add extreme excitement!   

Rock Wall Rentals

The rock wall rental features 4 climbing spots on the mobile rock wall, with attendants to easily harness riders and attach them to the auto-belay and let them navigate climbing our rock wall to see if they can get to the top by navigating and plotting their route.  Look for a rock and move one foot up, next your hand moves up to a new rock handhold, and the next leg comes up to new rock to navigate and complete your climb on the rock wall.  We start with our right side being the easiest of a climb with spaced out rocks closer together as you go around the front of the rock climbing wall you will find it becomes more spread out than the first side, and with the far left side being the most difficult of climbs.  This adventure is great for kids over 40 pounds, up to adults of 250 pounds, so the audience that can complete the climb of the wall is pretty wide and open to lots of different ages and abilities.  

Euro Bungee Trampoline Rentals

The Euro Bungee Trampolines features 2 trampoline stations for participants to get strapped into the harness and make their way to the trampoline stations.  They are instructed to get in the center of the trampoline and begin jumping as our attendant moves the poles to increase their height in the harness so they can get more height and be able to make larger jumps and do flips and stunts on the bungee trampolines.  This is so much fun for young kids through adults.  

Mechanical Bull Rentals

The Mechanical Bull Rentals are a perfect Carnival, Festival, Midway, or Fair ride as they attract huge crowds to watch and play on the mechanical bull, with spectators watching who have the skills to beat the last rider top time.  It's as much fun to watch as to get onto the bull and see how long you can last!  The bull is surrounded by inflatable pads to break any falls, as well as has a trained bull operator who is trained to create an enjoyable ride, that starts out super slow allowing the rider to acclimate to the bull's motions and get comfortable with their hold before testing at the next level.   

2 Lane Axe Throwing Carnival Rentals

When you have the Portable Axe Throwing Lanes on site,  watch out as guests line up for this new trending carnival amusement rental.  2 Participants will go through a quick safety training briefing with our axepert and learn more about the way to throw the axes, along with safety tips that need to occur while they are taking their turns.  Keep in mind that no one is permitted next to the throwers for safety and throwers will throw all 3 axes, and then be instructed and only then be instructed to move forward together to get their axes, and put them in the axe caddy with blade sides down.  We take safety and fun seriously and create an amazing experience with safety as the top priority.   We even include a sticky ax-throwing velcro spot on the back side of the ax-throwing trailer for young kids who are not able to participate in the real axe-throwing.  This makes it so the entire family can participate one way or another.  Keep in mind our axe throwing lanes are completely floor-to-ceiling enclosed for safety as well as we provide a waiver for participants to sign off on site.  

Bumper Car Amusement Rentals

The bumper car amusement rentals are great to provide participants with that real-time carnival and fair feel.  Bumper Cars are well known as a notable amusement ride that will have guests both surprised and elated to have it on-site to play with their closest friends.  Our bumper car arena can be used and set up on grass or asphalt.  We have 4 bumper cars going at once with double seats, so you can go with a parent and child who can't reach the steering wheels yet, or developed the concept of how to navigate a bumper car yet, or have pre-teens, teens and adults drive themselves around the arena bumping and slamming into participants. With the awesome rubber, all the way around the cars they take all the shock of the hit and you comfortably sit and feel the bump, but don't have any pain like some outdated and older bumper cars.


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