Bumper Car Rental with Arena

Bumper Car Rental with Arena

    • Actual Size: 32 x 22

    • $1,299.00
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Bumper Car Rental with Arena Central PA

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What makes the 3 Monkeys Inflatables Bumper Car Rental with Arena so different?

The 3 Monkeys Inflatables Bumper Car and the arena were manufactured by one of the leading Carnival Ride companies in the US.  Fun Attractions which is known for safety, quality, and uniqueness built our bumper cars and arena.  Each bumper car comes equipped with safety seat belts.  The seats themselves are made to sit down comfortably and offer tons of legroom for event adult riders.  This is a perfect event piece for all ages and sizes events including adults.  Keep in mind the bumper cars are not meant to be run on a grass surface and/or in any type of damp area due to the electrical components.  However they are perfect on parking lots, outdoor basketball courts, or any other type of flat asphalt or cement ground.

 Tell me more about the Bumper Car Rental with Arena 

3 Monkeys Bumper Car Rental with arena features 4 bumper cars and a fully padded side wall arena allowing participants to bump and have fun without worrying the spectators.  Each car measures roughly 44"W x 76"L. Participants will love how fast these cars move while inside the bumper cars and will also love how comfortable the seat belts are while in use.  Unlike some older style bumper cars that "hurt" when you bump 3 Monkeys Inflatables Bumper Car Rental with arena allows riders, a comfortable bumper car experience with just fun felt throughout your experience.  You also get a staff member who operates the cars via remote with a kill switch if in the event of a safety reason such as a child decides to unbuckle the seatbelt and get out we can stop all riders instantly to ensure a safe transition from riding to exiting the bumper car rental ride.  This is also equally important to note if participants are not following rules and listening to directions given by the operator are able to completely stop the ride. This truly becomes your worry-free event piece.

We would love to answer any further questions you have in regards to this ride or the many other amazing fun experiences 3 Monkeys Inflatables is able to provide for you.  Simply call us at 717-650-7657 | 410-581-5867 or email us at info@3monkeysinflatables.com  We love to talk about your events.  

How long do I get to play with the Bumper Car Rental with Arena?

Your fun is set to begin with a 3-hour time frame, however, if you want the fun to last even longer we can extend rental times as long as you want for an additional charge of $150.00 per additional hour.  Remember your ride experience comes complete with a ride operator so you can simply engage in the fun of the ride and join the party leaving us to operate this party experience for you.  Keep in mind the bumper cars typically run for a max of 4 hours depending on the weight of the rider. 

What age groups are best for the bumper car rentals?

The bumper cars for rent are perfect for a wide blend of ages from kids through adults, however, we have found that to keep things moving smoothly our minimum age per passenger should be 5 years old and 40" tall.  If you want to drive you would need to be 42" and at least 8 years old to drive.  We can fit 2 children per car, or 1 child and 1 adult per car.  Our maximum weight per car should never exceed 325 lbs.  

Can the Portable Bumper Cars be used in all weather and surfaces?

The bumper cars can only be used in a dry location like outdoors in good weather, without rain or snow, and inside locations.  This is because the underneath of the bumper car surface can spark when in contact with water, so we absolutely will shut down an event in the chance of rain.  If you have rain in the forecast for your event, you may want to switch out of equal value to another attraction that is not dependent on good weather like the bumper cars as we are not responsible for shutting down early the bumper cars due to damp conditions.  Keep in mind we will not issue refunds for any lost time if you choose to move forward with bumper cars on a predicted rainy day.  Keep in mind that rainy days in PA are definitely far from happening much in the summer, spring, and fall months, so most of the time you will be perfect in having your mobile bumper car event without worrying about the weather.  With our large inventory, we are able to offer simple swaps that are equal in value in the event your bumper cars might get rained out. 

York Pennsylvania Bumper Car Rentals

York Bumper Car Rentals are a popular backyard party, grad party, college party, community events, church events, grand openings and so many other special event items that will be sure to bring cheers of excitement and photo ops!  This unique bumper car experience will get your participants excited!  

Central PA Bumper Car Rentals

Central Pennsylvania is a great area to get Portable Bumper Car Rentals for your event, festival, and parties.  They are great to run for your next outdoor (on a flat surface (no grass) that will excite your friends, families, and co-workers!  

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