Axe Throwing 4 Lane Rental

Axe Throwing 4 Lane Rental

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Axe Throwing Trailer 4 Throwing Lane Rental York

Axe Throw Rentals to Harrisburg, Lancaster, Carlisle, Baltimore, Reading, & Central PA

Axe Throwing Game Rental York PA near me
Axe Throwing is becoming all the rage.  But rather than having to take your group offsite, let us bring the axe throwing to you.  Our mobile axe throwing trailer is also a great activity to have at festivals, fairs, college events, and corporate picnics. 3 Monkeys Party Rentals is one of the first in the area to offer Portable Axe Throwing Trailers.  Axe Throwing Rentals are a huge trending item right now with Team building events popping up all over and college campuses planning axe throwing rentals for their campus activities, along with corporate events rentals, and moving all the way into the wedding space with axe throwing being a popular bachelor and bachelorette theme party along with adventures brides and grooms adding axe throwing to their wedding day festivities.  

4 Lane Axe Throwing Parties

Our mobile axe throwing trailer 4 Lanes is designed with 2 throwing lanes on each side of the trailer.  Therefore you can have up to 4 people throwing at one time and if you choose, 2 individual competitions occurring simultaneously.  All 4 throwing lanes are contained by chain link fence so that other players, as well as spectators, remain safe at all times.  Our trailer also includes a kid-friendly axe throwing area where the axes are made out of plastic and wrapped in Velcro, and the targets are Velcro as well.  The kids' section is included with every rental for no additional charge.


Axe Throwing Training and Axe Coaches

Our trailer rental includes a trained staff member that knows how to properly handle the axes as well as the various techniques on throwing.  If you are new to the activity, no worries we train you and your guests on how to throw.  We also assess your throwing and help you make small adjustments throughout the event to ensure you continually improve.

Why Axe Throwing Trailer Rentals?

Axe throwing is a great team-building activity.  And because a lot of people have not done it, it can even the playing field making the team building event that much more fun.  It can also be very competitive for a group of friends, making it great for fairs and festivals.  Get your guests excited about your next event by having our mobile axe throwing trailer be the spotlight. This is for a 3 hour rental with additional hours at $300 per hour.

Lane Information

Our 4 Lane Axe Throwing Rental is really offering you the max amount of participants for your event.  It allows for 4 lanes going at a time with the additional 2 toddler lanes that you get free of charge when you rent the 4 lanes of axe throwing.  We have everything set up right there on the lanes that clearly show the rules for the participant on all 4 sides of the axe throwing lanes, additionally, we provide the axe stands that ensure safety is paramount while participating.  We also have a waiver table set up to have your participants/guests fill out their waivers right there while they are waiting for their turn. Axe throwers must be at lesat 16 years of age and have a parent or guardian sign the waiver on their behalf before they can participate. Each set of lanes (on each side) get 1 Axepert to give tips and enforce the rules.  In the toddler area, you will just need to assign a volunteer to help toddlers play. Not sure you need all 4 throwing lanes? Rent just the 2-lane axe throwing for your party or event!


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