22' Tropical Slide (#35A & #35B)

22' Tropical Slide (#35A & #35B)

    • Actual Size: 60' L x 15' W x 22' H
    • Setup Area: Level ground – Make sure the setup area for your slide is mostly level. It can have a very, very slight slope or grade (under 3 degrees)
    • Outlets: 3 Standard 110-volt GFCI outlets (21 amps total) within 50 feet of the unit.A generator for rent is available if you are farther than 100 ft from the outlet of where you want the rental placed.
    • Age Group: 👧👦 Kids | Teens | Adults
    • Attendants: 2 attendants are needed per manufacture guidelines, you can use your own trained volunteer or hire our attendant staff.

    • $629.00
    • Please call to reserve this item.

22' Tropical Water Slide Rental York, PA


3 Monkeys Inflatable Rentals delivering to York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Hershey, Reading, Carlisle, Baltimore, Wyomissing, Towson, and many more.

22ft Tropical Water Slide Rental near me LancasterGuaranteed Fun with This Tropical Slide!!  3 Monkeys have outdone themselves with this 22ft. Tropical Water Slide Rental.  This Giant slide for rent is double-laned for racing and provides a very fast platform for sliding. The Tropical water slide rentals are great for teens and adults as well as children 7 and up.  Our 60-foot-long Tropical Dual Lane Slide features a dramatic drop to get your riders screaming down this slide.  Continue from the top all the way down this extended slide!  What a thrill!   We get asked often is an adult's Inflatable Water Slide?  Yes, in fact, we often rent this slide for teen, college, and adult parties.  We do have a 200 per rider weight limit for the slide and recommend if you have two larger guests that you have them go down with a smaller guest, or alone in order to keep stress to the bumpers at the end of the slide limited.  

22 ft Tropical Slide

This slide is 22 ft. the tall waterslide has dual lanes for racing and goes into a slip n slide and splashdown landing for the ultimate in excitement and fun!  You will fly down this slide with its completely vertical lanes, race into the slip-n-slide landing, then finally splash into the landing pad. With two lanes, kids and "big kids" can be competitive and race against each other. This waterslide features a tropical theme for any summer party, or just for those that like to have some staycation summer fun. This slide is much bigger in person than expected, and will complete any party where you want this as a centerpiece. If you have a thrill-seeking side, the 22 ft Tropical Water Slide is for you. This slide is best for ages 6 to adult. This is the perfect addition to any birthday, graduation, block party, or Fourth of July party. You can't go wrong! The 22 ft Tropical Water Slide is perfect for thrill-seekers looking to rent a water slide in the Central PA or Northern MD area.

Specifics on 22ft. Tropical Water Slide Rental

On this slide, you climb up and slide down on the left side for both lanes making monitoring easy. The Tropical Slide measures 15' wide by 60' long and 22' tall. You need a fairly big area for this slide to sit without any low-hanging trees.  3 Monkeys Inflatables provide tarps to put under the entry and exit to minimize the muddy mess water activities bring along. There is a wall at the end to stop the momentum from the slide so as you are entering the exit area you should swing your legs over to the exit area so your bottom hits the lane end. All inflatables through 3 Monkeys Inflatables are licensed and inspected by the state of Pennsylvania and Maryland for safety and are lead-free! For set-up on this slide, you will need three separate outlets for a total of 21 amps, as this unit requires three blowers, as well as a garden hose that reaches the area for the slide so we can connect that to the hose within the water slide rental.

22ft. Tropical Slide Requirements

Occupancy: 2 attendants are needed per manufacture guidelines, you can use your own trained volunteer or hire our attendant staff.
Dimensions: 60' L x 15' W x 22' H
Water Source: your garden hose
Outlets:  3 Standard 110-volt GFCI outlets (21 amps total) within 50 feet of the unit.  
Generator Rentals are available if your rental will be more than 100ft from an outlet.
Attendants/Monitors:  This item requires (2) Attendants to stay with the unit while in use.  You may use your own attendant, or book an attendant - Reserve and Attendant - Click here.  Read more about attendants here.
Setup: We would need to know specifically if it will be on grass or asphalt a minimum of 5 days prior to your booking. All anchors need to be secured using a spike or sandbag according to the manufacturer's guidelines. We prefer to use ground stakes when possible, if this is not an option we will need to anchor using sandbags.
With all of our water slide rentals and water rentals we get asked often some questions that we hope we can help to answer for you below:

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Slide Rental?

1.  Do you need water or do you bring it with you?
Answer:  We do not bring the water with us.  You will need to provide us with hose access from your garden hose.  It is important that you ensure you have a long enough hose to reach the area we are putting the inflatable water slide so that we are able to attach your garden hose to the hose within the unit.  We will bring a splitter in the event you need one for the size water slide you rent, however, we will need that returned at the end of the rental.  
2.  Do you need to have power?
Answer: We do not bring the generators for power with us unless you reserve them with your inflatable slide or bounce rental. You will need to provide us with power access from either an outlet on the house or facility we are setting up at or from running inside a window. However, it is important to note that it needs to be 50 ft or less distance to the power of you need to notify the office so we bring out a 100ft cord. (We cannot go over 100ft of cord or at that point, you will need to add a generator to your rental) Also, some water slides, obstacles, and inflatables have the power that requires two, or three blowers and that cannot be run on the same circuit or it will cause your circuit to trip. Keep in mind the power requirements and contact our office if you have further questions.
3.  How much water will I use?
Answer: We have no way of determining how much water you will use over the period of time you are using the water inflatable, however, we always set the water to a "trickle" and suggest you don't mess with that setting on your hose because that is all you need to create a fun water slide experience and extra water could lead to mud, and too saturated ground causing soft ground at your location.  This can also add to an extra pickup charge if you decide to turn up the water and it creates mud forcing us to get it out at the shop to clean the mud off. 
4.  How big of an area do I need?

Answer: You will need to pay close attention to the dimensions of the unit you are renting as we list them all clearly on our website in both our requirements section of the item listing and most times also somewhere in the description of the item as well. :)

5.  Do I have to be there for the rental drop-off?

Answer: You do not need to be there for drop off but you do need to either digitally sign the contract online ahead of time and then have somewhere there over the age of 18 to sign the operator instruction sheet and sign the contract if it was not previously signed digitally. It is great for our customers to be there who rented the inflatable slide or inflatable rental as we go over all types of details and train you on the use of the item rented ensuring that you will have a great experience with your rental with 3 Monkeys Inflatables.

6.  Do I have to rent one of your attendants?
Answer:  You are not required to use our attendant to monitor the inflatable or bounce house however you are required in Pennsylvania to have someone monitoring the amusement ride unit the entire time it is inflated until it is deflated and picked up by our staff.  This attendant or monitor does need to be 16 or older and has read and gone over the operator instruction sheet and sign off that they fully understand everything listed on there. We are always available by phone when/if a question arises.

Delivery Area:

Our delivery area for the Lava Water Slide includes Pennsylvania cities of YorkLancasterHarrisburg, Dallastown, Hanover, Dover, Wrightsville, Shrewsbury, Mechanicsburg, Lakewood, Boiling Springs, Middletown, Pottstown, Millersville, Elizabethtown, Manheim, and Northern Baltimore cities of Baltimore, Woodstock, Laurel, Owings Mills, Randallstown, and many more.

To book the 22ft Tropical Dual Lane Water Slide

If you would like to book the Tropical Inflatable Water Slide for your party, simply click add to cart or start reservation at the top of the page. Once you enter your party information and 25% deposit to hold the slide, there will be an automatic email confirmation sent confirming your order. Don't forget to check out our tables and chairs, tents, and snow-cone machines to complete your order for the perfect party. If you would rather call to book or need more information, give us a call as we would love to assist you. Let 3 Monkeys Inflatables help you organize your party today! 717-650-7657 or info@3monkeysinflatables.com


Tropical Water Slide Rental Lancaster:

Our Tropical 22 ft Water Inflatable is a great way to cool off and beat the heat while getting the family to stay outdoors during a party or event. This is our most popular of the water slides and it's easy to see why.  Double Lane that allow racing against one another while going down the ultimate rush of 22ft high and 60 feet long to say you fly down this slide is an understatement from the moment you leave the landing you are being splashed with water at the end of the slide...it's that quick and boom it's over and you have to run and climb the stairs again because you can't just go once!  This water slide is a must-try on a summer bucket list, the queen of water slide staycation for the Lancaster area!  

Tropical Water Slide Rental Harrisburg:

Amazing, Fun, Fast, Scary, Wet, and Wild, are just some of the ways our Harrisburg customers describe this 22ft Water Slide Rental.  The tropical theme just gets you so excited that it's summer and you are having a party that will be one for the books.  The epic adventure begins when we come to set up the slide and you go down the Giant Water Slide for the first time and scream all the way down and then jump off and laugh and yell "again"...forget the fact that it's for your kids!  They can play with it later!  That's literally what we see time and time again...it's just too tempting to not try the slide and once you do - you are hooked!  This slide books the fastest in our system once the warm summer sun comes out so book it now while you thinking about it...it will be gone sooner than you think.  

Tropical Water Slide Rental York:

York Pennsylvania Giant Water Slide Rentals is our home town and we offer free delivery and setup of this Giant Slide if you have a York mailing address.  The tropical water slide for rent near me York is a huge winner for not only birthday parties, but backyard cookouts, church events, graduation celebrations, anniversaries, teen parties, end and beginning of the school year parties, and of course any other type of party or celebration.  York is a popular area to kick back and enjoy friends and family on the weekends and of course have some fun outdoors and stay out of the house.  

22ft. Tropical Slide Requirements

Occupancy: 2 (1 in each lane)
Dimensions: 60' L x 15' W x 22' H
Water Source: Hose
Outlets:  3 Standard 110-volt GFCI outlets (21 amps total) within 100 feet of the unit.  
Generator Rentals are available.  
Attendants/Monitors:  This item requires (2) Attendants to stay with the unit while in use.  You may use your own attendant, or book an attendant with us here.  Read more about attendants here.
Setup: We would need to know specifically if it will be on grass or asphalt a minimum of 5 days prior to your booking. All anchors need to be secured using a spike or sandbag according to the manufacture's guidelines. We prefer to use ground stakes when possible, if this is not an option we will need to anchor using sandbags.

Setup Location:
1. Your setup location needs to be free of rocks, pet waste, sharp objects, or any other hazards.
2. We cannot setup under any utility lines and must have a clearance of 5 feet in all directions away from any obstacles.
 3.  Please make sure you clear a spot for us to park & unload the equipment as close to the location as possible.  If your parking is further than 75 feet please notify our office or put it in the notes portion of your booking.

22ft. Tropical Slide Includes

Professional setup/teardown.
We are registered with the Dept of Pennsylvania/Maryland State Amusement Industry
We have Liability Insurance
Pre and Post Event Cleaning, Sanitizing and Inspection
Staking and/or Sandbagging
Tarping (not indoors as it becomes a safety concern)
Extension Cords (we bring out the extensions needed to get electric to the spot you are setting up in) Keep in mind we can only go 100 ft max.
 Safety Training

Tropical Waterslide near me Harrisburg Kids coming down 22ft Tropical Waterslide near me York

Here are some pictures of the kids racing each other on their way down this massive 22ft high, 60 feet long beast of a Water Slide!  The fun and the length of the ride on this slide are nothing short of EPIC!

Adults having fun on 22ft Tropical Waterslide rental Lancaster near meBig Kid fun on 22ft Tropical Waterslide near me



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