20x30 White Tent - Asphalt Setup Surface

20x30 White Tent - Asphalt Setup Surface

    • Actual Size: 20x30
    • Setup Area: 20x30
    • Outlets: 0

    • $459.00
    • Please call to reserve this item.

Pole Tent Rental 20x30 White- Asphalt Setup York

Party Tent Rentals 20x30 on Asphalt in York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Reading, Baltimore & more

What's included in my Tent Rental

The 20x30 Pole Tent comes with steel poles, steel stakes, nylon ropes, along a white pole top.  The 20x30 tent does not come with pole lighting or sides. This is for a 20x30 White Asphalt Setup Tent.  If you are looking for a grass setup please put in a 20x30 Tent and look for the grass setup.   If you are interested we are able to rent out pole lighting and attach it to the tent at the tent setup.  If you have specific Tent questions on size and setup area please call (717) 650-7657 or email our office at info@3monkeysinflatables.com. 

How many people can fit in a 20x30 Pole Tent?  

A 20x30 Pole tent will accommodate 60 people for a sit-down dinner.  A standard event planner's rule of thumb for comfortable seating is 10 square feet per person to allow for ample table and chair space.  This is just a rule of thumb of standard-size guests, so if you want more room to move around and not have the table on top of one another you may want to consider going up to 1 size larger like our 20x30 tent setups.  


Our asphalt tent rentals are drilled into the asphalt (no concrete allowed) and then the tent poles are put into place.  We will if requested bring asphalt repair kits and patch the holes when removing the stakes if you wish, however, there is an additional charge and it has to be arranged at least one week prior to the booking. 

We set up tents typically 1-3 days prior to the event time.  If you have specific timing that you would need the tent setup please keep in mind that all tent setups are done Thursday and Fridays typically but at least 1-3 days prior and are left overnight typically and picked up the next day (typically Monday or Tuesday).  Keep in mind the tents typically take 3-4 hours of setup time.

However as everything goes this is a one-day rental, so please do not count on setup and pickup early/late as it is only if it fits into our schedule that it may be set up before or after the day of your event.  If you need to ensure that you have it set up early and picked up later another day then you would have to pay an additional day rental per extra day.  You can pay an additional $40 per item overnight fee to keep it till the next morning as another alternative.  

When we set up tents on asphalt  ---  We will drive Steel Tent Stakes into the ground to secure them on asphalt.  For asphalt setup questions, please call our office.  (We do not set up on CONCRETE)  (We are not responsible for holes/repair of your asphalt setup.)Any questions please email us directly.

How do you secure my Asphalt setup to the ground?

We secure the asphalt setup by drilling into the ground.  We can drill into asphalt, however, please note we do not drill into concrete.  After we drill into the asphalt we will refill the asphalt if you request at the end.  

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